Precision Machining

GM Diecron offers the scale and capacity your projects require. We ensure your programs advance swiftly and efficiently, with dependable accuracy and performance. Our commitment includes substantial investments in the latest precision-manufacturing technologies and strict adherence to quality processes.

Who We Are

We are a leading precision machining company.

Leveraging our advanced technologies, automation and expertise, we meet the strict tolerances of your complex applications to accomplish what you need.

What we do

We machine precise components and assemblies.

We deliver critical support to industry-leading OEMs, providing fracture-critical structural parts for aerospace and defense, along with precision components and assemblies for semiconductor and advanced tech sectors.

Who we’ve helped

We support key players in the aerospace and industrial sectors.

GM Diecron has built a reputation for excellence in the aerospace and defense sectors, providing high-precision machined parts critical for various applications, from aircraft to military hardware.

Industries We Serve

Industries We Serve

Our expertise supports a range of applications, from aircraft and military hardware to satellites and heavy machinery, ensuring high-quality solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Through our commitment to excellence, we enable these industries to push the boundaries of innovation and performance.


Renowned for supplying precision-machined structural components and subassemblies across various materials, catering to large-scale, fracture-critical needs.


Specializing in producing high-quality, fracture-critical components with complex geometries and precise tolerances, utilizing hard metals, aluminums, and exotic alloys.


We deliver precision-engineered parts with complex geometries from hard metals and exotic alloys, ensuring optimal performance and reliability in critical applications.


Offering top-tier manufacturing services from beginning to end, adeptly handling the complex demands of modern heavy industries and high-tech applications.


Providing the space industry with high-quality, precision-machined components. We work with a range of materials designed for the unique requirements of the space industry.

A Legacy of Precision and Growth

Since its inception in 1977 by Sonny Gwyn, GM Diecron has evolved, achieving key certifications like FAA 145 and AS9100, and expanding its capabilities with advanced machinery in 2011 and automation in 2019, leading to its acquisition by LAI International in 2022.


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