Leveraging Automation for Growth

GM Diecron’s continuous investment in automation supports our “lights out” operation, allowing 24/7 production with minimal human oversight. This capability significantly reduces utility and manpower costs by decreasing the need for continuous lighting and heating and optimizing labor use. These efficiencies not only boost productivity but also lower our environmental impact, resulting in cost savings that we pass directly to our customers, enhancing our competitiveness in the market.

Leveraging Automation for Growth

The pursuit of unmanned machine time led to the integration of advanced automation technologies. Collaboration with leading technology providers enabled the establishment of a mill cell with 5-axis machines connected to a 28 pallet station, among other automated solutions. This strategic enhancement has been pivotal in reducing reliance on manual labor and increasing production capabilities.

Standardization and Efficiency

The initiative to enhance manufacturing efficiency at GM Diecron began with the adoption of standardization principles. This approach, focusing on standard work holding and tooling libraries, was a key factor in streamlining the production process. By reducing complexity and embracing simplicity, GM Diecron achieved significant improvements in operational efficiency.

Optimization through Work Holding

The implementation of a standardized work holding process marked a turning point in reducing the number of fixtures from hundreds to a manageable few. This strategic decision addressed 99% of work holding challenges with two versatile options, establishing a new benchmark for process efficiency.

Tool Libraries Consolidation

The development of standard cutting tool libraries further exemplified GM Diecron’s commitment to optimization. By categorizing tools into two primary libraries for aluminum and hard metals, the company significantly simplified its machining operations, paving the way for further innovation and efficiency.

Machines With Automation

GM Diecron has significantly enhanced its manufacturing capabilities by integrating automation into its precision machining processes, including advanced multi-axis machines connected to pallet stations and robotic systems. This strategic upgrade allows for increased efficiency, consistent quality, and the ability to maintain high production volumes with minimal manual intervention, reinforcing GM Diecron’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the industry.



Type: 5 Axis Mill
Envelope: 29″ x 18″
Size: Up to 28 Pallets


MU 4000 + Robot Compact 80

Type: 5 Axis Mill
Envelope: 29″ x 18″
Transfer Weight: 80kg
Size: Up to 21 Pallets



Type: Lathe/Mill
Envelope: 8″ x 21″ x 36″
Feature: Gantry
Size: Up to 50 Pallets

Benefits of Automation

The adoption of automation has had a transformative impact on GM Diecron, leading to operational efficiencies that have contributed to a leaner workforce and the potential for significant growth. Through automation, the company has minimized the challenges associated with labor variability and setup inconsistencies, setting a new standard for precision and productivity in the industry.

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