Precision for Mission-Critical Projects

At GM Diecron, our multi-axis lathe assembly capabilities and extensive capacity enable us to craft tight-tolerance components from hard metals to aluminum, perfectly aligning with your project needs and exceeding industry standards. Equipped with long-bed machines up to 60 inches and a comprehensive range of multi-axis tools, we are adept at handling projects of any size, ensuring precision and quality in every task.

  • Small to large-scale parts

  • Low to high-volume production

  • Single-source project management

  • Secure data exchange

  • 5-axis milling up to 60″

  • Turning up to 12″

  • Automation and pallet management

  • High-speed machining

  • Hard and soft metals

  • Multiple component assembly

  • Mechanical assembly

  • Extensive testing and cleaning


GM Diecron offers a wide range of precision machining services, utilizing the latest CNC technology to produce high-quality components across various materials and industries. Our expertise in advanced machining techniques ensures efficient, precise solutions for any project size, consistently meeting our clients’ diverse needs.


Delivering precision milling services with unmatched expertise.

GM Diecron offers advanced milling services, utilizing state-of-the-art CNC technology to produce high-precision components for a variety of applications in aerospace, defense, space, and industrial sectors. Our skilled technicians and sophisticated multi-axis milling machines enable us to tackle complex geometries and specifications with unmatched precision and efficiency.


Precision lathe services tailored for complex requirements.

GM Diecron provides top-tier lathe services, leveraging sophisticated CNC lathes to craft precision components for the aerospace, defense, space, and industrial sectors. Our expertise allows for the precise turning of a wide range of materials, ensuring high-quality outcomes for complex shapes and specifications.

Automated Machining

Enhancing manufacturing with advanced automation.

GM Diecron integrates advanced automation services to enhance precision and efficiency in manufacturing processes, enabling us to meet the high-volume demands of the aerospace, defense, space, and industrial sectors. Our commitment to innovation in automation ensures consistent quality and reduced lead times for complex machined parts.


Crafted assemblies for demanding industry applications.

GM Diecron partners with aerospace, defense, space, and industrial sectors to produce extremely precise components and assemblies. Leveraging our advanced technologies, automation and expertise, we meet the strict tolerances of your complex applications. Our nationwide team, skilled in working with hard metals, aluminums, and exotic materials, brings decades of experience to each project.

Quality Control

Delivering superior quality for complex operations.

Upholding our promise of excellence with unwavering precision. Our approach optimizes efficiency in producing close-tolerance parts, redefining the standards of mission-critical manufacturing. Through advanced solutions, deep expertise, and the latest equipment, we excel at executing the most complex operations with superior quality.

Supply Chain

Ensuring timely, flexible delivery of precision machined parts.

By closely managing our supply chain, we guarantee not only the timely delivery of high-quality machined parts but also the flexibility to meet our clients’ dynamic needs. This commitment to excellence in supply chain management allows us to uphold our promise of delivering superior quality and precision, ensuring we remain a trusted partner in our clients’ success.

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