Our Commitment To Sustainability

Our initiatives not only support our environmental goals but also contribute to a leaner, more cost-effective operation, allowing us to pass savings directly to our customers while upholding our commitment to excellence and sustainability.

Chip Recycling

At GM Diecron, we are committed to environmental stewardship by ensuring all metal chips, shavings, and excess raw materials from our machining processes are captured and responsibly recycled. We collaborate with local recycling companies to ensure these materials are reused, reducing waste and supporting community recycling efforts.

Coolant Recycling and Reuse

Our commitment to sustainability extends to our coolant management system. After machining, chips are thoroughly cleaned and all excess coolant is carefully drained and filtered. This recovered coolant is then reused in our machines, significantly reducing the need for new coolant purchases and minimizing environmental impact.

Energy Efficiency Initiatives

To further enhance our energy efficiency, GM Diecron has implemented motion-activated lighting throughout our facility. This not only reduces our energy consumption but also lowers our operational costs, contributing to a more sustainable production environment.

Solar Energy Exploration

We are actively investigating the potential of solar energy to power our operations. By exploring federal and Georgia incentive programs for solar energy, we aim to integrate renewable energy sources into our energy mix, aligning with our goals for sustainability and reduced environmental footprint.

Impact on Costs and Customer Pricing

Through our continuous efforts in sustainability, GM Diecron has significantly enhanced operational efficiencies and reduced costs. These savings allow us to offer more competitive pricing to our customers, demonstrating our commitment to quality, affordability, and environmental responsibility in every aspect of our business.

Benefits of Automation

The adoption of automation has had a transformative impact on GM Diecron, leading to operational efficiencies that have contributed to a leaner workforce and the potential for significant growth. Through automation, the company has minimized the challenges associated with labor variability and setup inconsistencies, setting a new standard for precision and productivity in the industry.

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